Netflix Binge List: Here Are New Shows and Movies You Have to Watch This April

The internet’s biggest streaming platform has been giving us nothing but first-class films since this year. The movies and shows lined up for April show us that we’ve not even seen anything yet. So, while you indulge in chocolate eggs and bunny-shaped treats (and even after), here are Netflix movies and shows that you’ll enjoy watching. Let’s dive in!

Files of the Unexplained

If you’ve seen true crime documentaries like American Nightmare, you already know that Netflix always brings us the best. This crime documentary focuses on paranormal, strange, and unexplained events that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

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Files of the Unexplained investigates mysterious happenings like shocking hauntings, weird disappearances, and bizarre encounters. The eight-part docuseries is expected to be released on the 3rd of April.

Parasyte: The Grey

Parasyte: The Grey is a sci-fi drama based on the popular manga series by Hitoshi Iwaaki, Parasyte. If you love Netflix’s 3 Body Problem, you’ll surely enjoy this new drama, which was written and directed by Train to Busan’s Yeon Sang-ho

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In the series, parasitic creatures fall to Earth from outer space and embed themselves into humans’ bodies and brains to grow their powers. However, a woman has to coexist with a parasite that she resists and find her place in a world of savaged human race remains. The series is set to be released on April 5.

Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scargiver

This is one of the most anticipated movies at the moment. This movie is the second half of Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon- Part 1: A Child of Fire. Returning members include Ed Skrein as Noble, Doona Bae as Nemesis, and Sofia Boutella as Kora.

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The story of the warriors continues as they plan to defend Kora’s formerly peaceful village. Interestingly, they have to face truths from their pasts on the eve of the big battle before coming together to rebel. This exciting movie will be released on April 19.


Ripley is a thriller series based on Patricia Highsmith’s Tom Ripley novels. Although the novel was adapted back in 1999 with Anthony Minghella’s The Talented Mr. Ripley, this new series is a must-watch. Andrew Scott depicts the suave conman, Thomas Ripley.

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Set in the 60s, it follows the story of the conman who gets hired by a wealthy man to travel to Italy to convince his son to come back home. However, Tom is caught in a web of deceit, murder, and fraud. Ripley will be released on April 4.

Baby Reindeer

Netflix’s new seven-episode limited series is a wildcard about the complications of human interactions based on a true story. It’s a dark and bizarrely funny drama written by and stars the person who had the experience in real life.

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Baby Reindeer tells the story of Donny, who meets a friendly woman who begins to stalk him. We’re talking about hundreds of hours of voice messages and tens of thousands of emails. Of course, this makes Donny live in paranoia. This thrilling drama will be released on April 11.

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