From Erased Wrinkles To Elongated Arms, These Celebrity Photoshop Fails Have To Be The Worst!

People use editing apps to enhance their pictures – celebrity or not. Many celebrities post edited photos on social media to look younger, sexier, and fitter than they are IRL. Sometimes, the editing goes all wrong because it’s too unrealistic, making fans and followers catch on and call them out. These five celebrity Photoshop fails will remind you that nothing you see online is real!

The disappearance of Gigi’s moles

It’s no news that Gigi Hadid’s super-toned midsection has moles. However, in 2016, her abs on the Vogue China cover weren’t speckled with moles. There was not a single mole on her- she had airbrushed them off. Well, it’s not her first offense.

Courtesy: Pinterest

When the supermodel shared the cover on her Instagram, a fan said, “This is so airbrushed that her moles are not even showing.” Many fans called her out for wiping off the beauty marks, all in the name of enhancing the photo.

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Kris Jenner’s erased wrinkles

We all know Kris Jenner often edits her pictures a bit, but this one went too far. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted a picture of herself and Gordon Ramsay to celebrate her cookbook release. However, the then-58-year-old didn’t have a single wrinkle.

Courtesy: Instagram

Some might not have noticed the close-to-perfect editing if Gordon hadn’t posted the same photo without edits. The difference between the two versions is surprising. Her photo airbrushed all her wrinkles away. As you would expect, fans called her out.

Honestly, Jeb Bush can’t get it right

Jeb Bush released a flier to generate support for his failed Republican presidential run in August 2015. But what got everyone’s attention wasn’t the politician’s campaign but his black left hand. Clearly, Jeb was not a Photoshop expert.

Courtesy: Twitter

Just like Donald Trump described it on Twitter, Jeb’s Photoshop fail turned his hand black. The shadow of his right hand was also unrealistically dark. Who was the graphic designer in charge of this?

The arm that stupefied everyone 

This is one of those Photoshop attempts where the celebrity was probably as shocked as their fans and followers. In 2010, Avril Lavigne posed for the November cover of Maxim. She lost part of an arm in the process. 

Courtesy: Pinterest

In an attempt to digitally give the pop star’s thin frame more curves, the magazine’s photo editors made her left arm mind-bogglingly small. They accidentally chiseled Lavigne’s upper arm down to unrealistic proportions. Her fans didn’t blame her for the fail.

No thumb can be longer than this!

Ariana Grande posted this photo before releasing a new single in 2015, but something just wasn’t sitting right with the size of her right hand. Standing with her arms crossed in front of her chest, Grande’s thumb looked almost as long as her infamous ponytail. 

Courtesy: Yahoo

The edited thumb made it obvious that the photo was not original but edited. Fans noticed the extra-long thumb and began to call her out in the comments section. The former Nickelodeon star quickly disabled the comments on the post.

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