People Shared Their Hilarious Car Fails With Jimmy Fallon And Went Viral

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has been doing the special #Hashtag segment for years now, and it never fails to go viral. In this segment, the comedian sets a theme and calls fans on Twitter to submit any funny stories they might have that fit into that theme. Of course, there are usually hundreds of thousands of responses, and not all stories make it on the show for Jimmy to read aloud. That does not mean that they are not funny. This time the theme was “car fails,” and people wasted no time telling the world about their unfortunate experiences with different vehicles. Some were so wild that we could not help but laugh. Check out these unbelievable stories.

Nobody explained to them that the click sound meant ‘stop’

When you first learn to drive, you might not realize that there is more to know about cars than just driving them, such as changing a tire, checking the oil, and, most importantly, pumping gas. This unfortunate person could have used a course on using a pump.

Photo: @egg.uh via Instagram

It is no wonder they did not realize what was happening until it was too late, given that it was dark and the rain would have masked the growing gas puddle. This could have become a disaster if it had not been cleaned off. Fortunately, nothing too serious happened.

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