If You Love True Crime and Have Yet to Watch ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ Then What Are You Doing With Your Life?

We love when a new true-crime documentary comes out and when we saw ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ on Netflix, we quickly gathered all of our true-crime watching supplies (popcorn, chocolate, wine) and settled in for an evening of bodies being found in a backyard, liars, and serial squatters. We broke down some things you need to know before watching, and maybe to get you extra pumped up to watch. Let’s get started! 

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What’s It All About? 

Okay, the title makes it sound more like a game show name, but this series is anything but. ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ covers four stories of well, the worst roommates ever but not ‘never does the dishes’ bad more like, con artists, serial squatters, and violent stone-cold killers bad. We consider ourselves documentary snobs in the sense that a documentary really has to grip us in the beginning and that happens with a perfect storm of suspenseful music, in-depth interviews, and good crime scene photos. What we love about ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ is that all of these things are happening, and the creators have also animated certain scenes as someone narrates them, and while this may sound a bit on the juvenile side, trust us when we say this truly makes the show. 

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Okay, I’m In, But Also, Who is All of This About? 

We’re so glad you asked! Here is a very brief synopsis of each story you’ll see. (Provigil)  

The first episode is titled ‘Call Me Grandma’ and it’s the story of Dorothy Puente who was running a boarding house for those less fortunate and going through a rough time. While Dorothy was well-loved by many on the surface, things get dark. Fast. 

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Episode number two is ominously titled, ‘Be Careful of the Quiet Ones’ and it’s the story of the disappearance and murder of Maribel Ramos. The last person to see her alive you ask? Her roommate. 

Episode number three is full of twists and turns and is more of an ‘I survived’ story for those of you that live for those. This episode takes viewers on a trip around the globe following a master con who is still at large. 

And last but certainly not least, the last story is a two-parter (so you know it’s good!) of a serial squatter. Now, we have to admit that when this episode began we kept thinking, when does this get a little more serious? Of course, a squatter would constitute the worst roommate ever, but we had a sneaking suspicion that there was more. And we were right. There is so much more to the dark, dangerous man known as Jamison Bachman. 

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‘Worst Roommate Ever’ was an easy binge for us, it left us on the edge of our seats a number of times, and the number of twists and turns wasn’t disappointing either. We highly recommend ordering some takeout or busting out the charcuterie board, having your best bottle of wine ready, and tuning in.

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