Dad Jokes: Both Kids And Adults Will Laugh At These Corny Puns And One-Liners

Whether you are performing a stand-up routine for your BFFs or entertaining the kids at home, we have compiled a list of dad jokes to keep the laughs coming 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! This collection of bad-but-good jokes is ideal for adults, children, friends, relatives (even those you despise), and just about anyone else. If you are looking for something short and to the point or something complex enough to compete with Dad’s jokes, you will find it here. Get a needle and thread ready because you are about to be in stitches!

Pun-Based Jokes

A horse enters a bar, and the bartender asks: “Why the long face?” Do you think that one is bad? Then buckle up because we are just getting started, and believe us when we say that there will be plenty more corny jokes to come.

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They are all guaranteed to make you laugh or, at the very least, smile. Did that terrible dad joke work on you? If not, we are not doing a good job here since the whole point of a terribly funny pun is to make you groan while laughing at yourself.

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