Three Shows We Couldn’t Get Enough of in 2021 (You Still Have Time to Binge Them!)

2021 is quickly coming to a close, and while we can’t say that we’re sad to see it go, we still enjoy reflecting on the past year. And since Covid really just circled back around, reflecting looks a whole lot like revisiting our favorite movies, books, and of course, binge-worthy t.v. shows. Today we’re looking back on our top three favorite tv shows that we watched, and the best part is if you haven’t watched them yet, you can still binge them and start your new year off right! Well, entertained at least. What? Like you’re actually going to go out and be around people tonight? Get some snacks, pour some wine, and plant your healthy self on the couch. Let’s get started! One more quick thing before we take a look, we’re like, really into crime TV. And crazy. We love a little crazy.

Mare of Easttown

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This limited series starts off with a bang and really has you questioning which direction it’s going to go because it could go any which way, we will admit it hits a bit of a lull midway through, but we PROMISE if you see it through the lull you’ll be so glad you did because when this show picks up, it really picks up. And frankly, Kate Winslet can do no wrong. So lovers of small-town crime, true crime, murder, all that fun stuff, if you’ve not yet watched Mare of Easttown, it comes highly recommended by us. You can watch Mare of Easttown on HBO and HBO Max. 

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Weirdly, if you liked Tiger King, you’ll like Lularich? We don’t really understand the correlation, but once you watch it, it will make sense to you too. If you’ve always been a little leery of the multi-level marketing ploys (cults) then this will justify all of those concerns. And will be great ammunition for the next time you get a message from one of those “boss babes” you went to high school with. You can watch this documentary on Amazon Prime. 

The Murders at Starved Rock

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Okay, call us nerds, but we’re suckers for a good documentary, or docuseries in this case, and especially if it’s a well-done true-crime documentary. The Starved Rock Murders follows three brutal murders that took place in LaSalle County, Illinois in 1960. We won’t go on for too long because we’ll give way too much away, but if you love true crime and ominous documentaries that you don’t really get closure from, then give this one a watch! Plus it’s a three-parter so if you have a lot of snackage and a bottle of your favorite wine, then you’re set for the night! You can watch The Murders at Starved Rock on HBO and HBO Max.

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