Ice Machines and Drive-Thrus are Rare Outside the US: Redditors Share Subtle things Americans Think are Normal But Are Not

Living in the United States is an exclusive and unique experience. Natives who have been to other nations know that the entire world functions a little differently than the United States. Not to mention there are many things Americans think are normal, but to anyone who lives outside the U.S. or foreigners living in America, they might seem inexplicably mundane and differs from what they are used to back in their country. These subtle, often common enough to be noticed even by native citizens, differentiate ‘Americans’ from people who are just ‘living’ in the United States. These things make an American worthy enough to be called an American; they are the unwritten rules of the American Dream. People on Reddit shared some of the “Incredibly American things that Americans don’t realize are American,” giving some of the best subtle American things. We’ve gathered a catalog of 30+ such answers for you. So, are you an American curious to know how the rest of the world sees you? Or are you just there to see if all those stereotypes you’ve heard are actually true? Regardless of your reasons, one thing is for sure this is as American as it gets!

Being way too specific

If you’ve ever spoken to an American, you probably know that when asked about the place they come from or live in, they’ll instinctively mention their state rather than just saying America. Unlike people from other countries, for some reason, Americans will never answer “Where are you from?” with “America”; it has to be the state they live in.

Image Courtesy: Reddit/@ thisperson345

While it may sound strange to people who aren’t familiar with this, those who’ve had such an experience will grin because it is so true! You can try it the next time you get a chance to speak to an American and see their response for yourself!

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