People Sharing All Of Their Real-life Prom Fails

One way or another, we all celebrate when our last school year comes to an end. Even though prom night is not celebrated in every country, we all know how an American prom goes. Movies and TV shows bring this particular night, its costumes, and expectations closer to people who don’t get the chance to live out the real thing. But why not get the full experience from the source? The following are anecdotes that happened to teenagers on prom night. These stories shows that prom is not as perfect as in the movies, though. They are full of epic fails that will make you laugh out loud.

Jimmy Fallon’s prom song

Jimmy Fallon invited people to reminisce about their proms and share weird things that happened to them. Most of the situations shared are hilarious; others are awkward or even embarrassing. Jimmy himself has contributed to this #PromFail challenge with an amusing anecdote of his own. 

Image courtesy of Twitter jimmyfallon

Adding the National Anthem to the playlist definitely sounds like something Jimmy would do. Obviously, everybody knew that song, but we don’t think teenagers were ever as hyped about it as that night. Do you think they danced to it or stood still?

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