Hot Tub Boats Exist and You Can Sign Us Right Up

What if we told you there existed an experience that combined both boating with your friends and also sitting in a relaxing hot tub? If the idea of this blows your mind and also sounds like your idea of a great day, then keep reading all because we’re about to educate you on Hot Tub Boats. 

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Lake Union is where our story takes place and it is nestled between the Seattle skyline and Gasworks Park and is the home of the now infamous (well, according to us) Hot Tub Boats. It all started back in 2011 when the Hot Tub Boat first came to be and the rest is history. Like all great inventions, this one started with a relatively simple thought: “how can I, Adam Karpenske, fit a hot tub in, on, or around this houseboat of mine?” Okay, not a direct quote, but that’s basically what happened. So after some planning and building and help from friends, Adam launched a prototype on New Year’s Eve of 2011, and wouldn’t you know it, it was a hit! By February of 2012 a new business was launched and they’ve been at it ever since.  

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Let’s talk a little bit about specs! First of all boat dimension, the Hot Tub Boat was designed with comfort in mind. The boat itself is 16′ in length and just over 6′ in width. The tub is 8’x4’x2′, making it a comfortable fit for anybody! Because who wants to be packed into a hot tub, right? As far as weight capacity goes, the Hot Tub Boat has a dry weight of 1800 lbs, and the boat stores about 2500 lbs of water when filled. The Coast Guard has approved up to 6 people per boat. And of course, buoyancy, because when talking about maritime activities, this is an important detail, the Hot Tub Boat’s design allows for a high load capacity. It has been carefully crafted, and the hot tub is positioned on the boat’s center of buoyancy, allowing for remarkable stability, even with 2500 pounds of water. So rest assured, you will be safe and comfortable! 

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As for cool features, you know they’ll hook you up! Each boat is equipped with LED lights that light up the water you’re soaking in, as well as the water you’re floating in. Each boat also allows you to set the temperature of your hot tub, and each boat comes complete with surround sound speakers. You’re already combining boating with sitting in a hot tub, what more could a person want? 
If you’re ready to go ahead and make your reservation, you can book your boat right here!

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