Wedding Moments That Could Have Been Better

We know that when famous people acclaim something on their social media, their followers respond to it. In this case, Jimmy Fallon asked his audience for the best #WeddingFails. It’s exciting and hilarious because weddings used to be the only perfect day in people’s lives, but no one talks about the things that don’t necessarily go according to plan. You will be impressed by these rare and exceptional moments that took place at weddings, made known by people who were getting married or who witnessed them. If you are getting married, don’t worry. It could help if you relax; not everything has to be perfect. We will show you the best fails at weddings so you can decompress. Do you want to see them? Keep reading!

Stay safe before saying “I do”

It is as if it were a Disney or Hollywood movie: You are at your wedding ceremony, the priest asks you if you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner and your answer is yes. So he picks you up and both go together towards the car that takes them to their honeymoon… but something went wrong

Image courtesy of Twitter/@patman_vs_robin

This gentleman wanted to pick up his wife and take her out of the ceremony, but even though he was the most romantic in the universe, mistakes happen. He tried to be the husband all the women wanted, but destiny said “no,” and the situation didn’t happen as he dreamed of. 

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