Even Jimmy Fallon Was Surprised When He Read What These Children Said To Their Families

She wanted a present for her older sister’s birthday

What can you do when you want something from a toy store, but you are unsure if your parents will buy it for you? The answer is simple: you convince them that you want to buy it as a gift for your sister. The toy will be in your house and, if your sister is nice enough, she’ll lend it to you whenever you want.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@RyanBartholomee

If both sisters agree to share their gifts, everyone will have twice as many toys. You’d be able to make a gift list for your sister, and she’d made one for you. It may be strange, but this trick seems to be effective if your parents think you really want to give your sister a present. That’s because they feel moved by your selfless gesture and can’t help but grant your wish.

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