Who Said Instagram Was Only For Modeling? These Comic Artists Are There To Entertain You

We don’t know about you, but it’s nearly impossible to avoid a daily dose of mindless social media scrolling. From Marvel and DC sketching to stick figures, the amount of genre-crossing, relatable Instagram comics is limitless. Different comic artists have unique ways of making people laugh. We’ve compiled this list of five comic artists for you to follow for relatable and funny content.

The Good Advice Cupcake

The Good Advice Cupcake gives her audience good advice in a sweet icing-covered over-the-top sort of way. The relatable comics are great for brightening dull and hard days. Her advice spans a variety of topics, but mostly she advises on relationships, friendships, mindfulness, and well-being.

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Cupcake also branches out into short Q&A-styled animations that are well worth watching. She’s constantly taking requests, interacting with her audience, and answering questions fans send in, making her channel feel close, tight-knit, and very friendly.

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This artist’s comics are at the height of witty drawn-from-life humor. From her page, you can immediately see that her entire design is very neat and flawlessly presented, with a black box panel design around every comic, making the comics look highly professional and uniform.

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Everything about her comics is down to earth, making her one of IG’s most relatable comic artists. While her content is based on her experiences, she often takes political stands, with some of her content supporting gay pride and feminism.

Strange Planet

Have you ever come across some blue men in your IG feed? They are probably from this actor’s account. Strange Planet has quickly become one of the most popular accounts on Instagram for its hilarious take on aliens doing everyday human activities.

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Each strip is about a particular activity or an average human experience depicted by a brief snippet of aliens trying to understand it- most of it hits home. The funny scenes are presented in a light comedic way, combining charm and humor. 


If you need a kind of reminder to focus on what matters, this comic artist is the storyteller you’re looking for. From navigating crushes to cultural critique, her funny comics on Instagram will entertain and educate you along the way. 

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We especially love her pie charts that sum up different thoughts; it’ll amaze you that you can relate to most of them, like those random bathroom thoughts. She also has a shop where you can download her comics digitally and get custom pet portraits, apparel, and more.


Murrz is one of those rare Instagram comic artists who has mastered combining her relatable everyday mundane activities with comedy. Aside from her main content, the occasional appearance of her cats is a delightful occurrence that her animal-loving audience also enjoys.

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Despite her sense of humor, her comics tend to shed light on ideas of unattainable standards among women, being comfortable in your own body, and the importance of acting goofy just for the fun of it. Murrz isn’t just all about the laughs.

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