These People Got A Funny Surprise When They Got Off The Plane

Traveling by plane can be a stressful time for many people, we have to deal with take-off, turbulence and the dreaded landing. But once we arrive at our destination everything changes, we step on the ground and pick up our luggage with nothing but joy -and maybe fatigue-. We return home to see our family and friends again, the most exciting part. However, not all arrivals are perfect, some are full of strange or hilarious moments that are hard to erase from the memory of the people who were there. The airport pick-up signs these people wrote for their loved ones will make you laugh more than once. Each and every one of them has a very funny story behind it, let’s discover them together. Enjoy!

Love has no filter

Did your mother ever pick you up from a party when you were a teenager? Did she ever come to your school and shower you with hugs and kisses in front of all your friends? When you’re young this can be embarrassing. Sometimes mothers are a little overprotective or show their love in an exaggerated way.

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But this mom takes all the awards. When she went to wait for her beloved son at the airport she waited for him with this big sign that, besides being pink, has a very special message: “¡It’s me, mom!”. But that’s not all, she prepared the sign so that when she hugs her son, an arrow points to him and says “He’s my baby”. The baby’s face is very funny.

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