Men Share what Happened After They Proposed to their Girlfriends and Got “No” for an Answer

Every woman imagines the love of her life getting down on one knee and asking that coveted question, “Will you marry me?” Men take time and effort to plan these proposals and profess their love and commitment. Marriage proposals are a symbol of love. However, not all proposals end up with the joyous answer of ‘yes.’ Surprisingly, many proposals are met with a ‘no.’ This article has collected real-life accounts of men and women who shared their true stories on a Reddit thread called “Men of Reddit who proposed and she said no” and asks, “what happened afterward with your life?” Some situations are outrightly sad, while some are upbeat and funny, others are just plain weird, but there are still those that show the power of love. Let’s look at the top rejected proposals and what happened next.

An awkward vacation

They had been dating for almost a year, and he proposed during a trip to Ireland. Alas! He got a negative response from her. It was hard for him to get over the shock of this rejection throughout the journey. 

Image credit: Reddit

They didn’t break up, and he tried his luck again after two years, with many breaks within four years of on and off dating. He grew tired because it would not work in the end. He walked away in the end and searched for another woman he hoped to propose to very soon. 

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