Redditors Share Awkward and Near Death Moments that Made Them Say, “Alright, guess that’s it for me”

Whether out of our own clumsy mistakes or someone else’s, or maybe it’s just a horrible turn of events, some moments make us wonder if things could get any worse than this. We all have been there, whether it was accidentally breaking our grandma’s antique Chinese vase or one of our friends running away after messing something up and leaving us behind, stumbling across someone on drugs, we all have just had those moments that made us wonder if we have our insurances prepared or not. These Redditors had similar experiences, and what better than sipping on a cup of your favorite tea, munching on your favorite snacks, and reading about the misery of others on the internet and learning from their experiences, however eerie and unsettling they might be. A Reddit thread asks, “what was that ‘yup I’m f*cked’ moment?” So here it is, the perfect catalog of Redditors commenting on the worst moments that made them think they’re screwed.

The moment everything comes crashing down

If you are into alcohol and happen to see booze worth $10,000, we bet you’d pinch yourself to confirm if what you’re seeing is real or not. But there’s the catch, all that liquor is pouring down the drain, wasted because some clumsy fellow knocked down 10k worth of alcohol!

Image Courtesy: Reddit/@ Prank_Owl

You’d probably need to pinch yourself again to believe that one, right? We would’ve had an anxiety attack like that poor guy, too, if we had so carelessly knocked down so much alcohol. We appreciate his boss for understanding the situation; anyone else would have fired him immediately!

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