Fancy Toast, Anyone?

Toast in any capacity is just a good call; whether you like yours with just a little butter, a little jam, or even a little cinnamon and sugar, you really can’t go wrong. But have you noticed that toast has become a whole thing? Seriously! Gourmet toast is trendy food right now and we couldn’t be more excited about it. If this sounds like something you’re all about but you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite fancy toast recipes! Let’s get started. 

Ricotta and Warm Balsamic-Caramel Apple Toast

Not only is this a quick and easy dessert, but a great one for the fall and winter season since it combines so many flavors of the season. For this toast, you’ll simply spread ricotta on the bread of your choosing, then top with warm apples, and finish off with the balsamic-caramel drizzle. Get the recipe here

Smashed Avocado and Pesto Sourdough Toast

We love sourdough, especially for a savory gourmet toast dish. This recipe combines avocado, pesto, sundried tomatoes, and greens for a healthy, filling, and delicious toast that we find particularly satisfying on a summer day. If you’re a spice lover, we highly recommend a little drizzle of sriracha to turn up the heat a bit. Get the recipe here

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Cheesy Toast with Leeks and Mushrooms

Served up with a side of fried eggs, this toast is perfect for breakfast or brunch! And yes, it pairs perfectly with a mimosa. (Doesn’t everything?) Now contrary to the photo above, we actually prefer our veggies piled on top of our toast, then the fried egg placed on top of the veggies, but we aren’t picky! Get the recipe here

Whipped Ricotta Toast with Roasted Tomatoes

If you have access to homegrown tomatoes in the summertime, you will go crazy for this toast recipe. The taste of garlic, shallots, fresh basil, and tomatoes combine beautifully to be enjoyed on top of a toasted french baguette smothered in whipped ricotta. We love to drizzle a little balsamic vinegar on top of ours or garnish with red pepper flakes to add a little kick. Get the recipe here

Ratatouille Toast

Everything you love about ratatouille but served on top of a slice of toasted sourdough bread? Sign us up for that brunch, please! And of course, a fried egg on top is always a good idea. Remember: ratatouille falls into that category of foods that taste better a day later, so if you have the time, make your ratatouille ahead of time before serving it up. Get the recipe here.

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