Disney Movie Conspiracy Theories

A lot of us grew up watching Disney movies, quite innocently, we might add, so it’s likely that a few jokes went over our heads. But now that we’re full-blown adults, we’ve not only been subjected to the adult humor we couldn’t comprehend in our youth, but a number of conspiracy theories that are now fully blowing our minds as well. Let’s take a look at just a few that left us absolutely speechless. (And made total sense, we might add!)

Jane from Tarzan is Belle’s granddaughter

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Okay, we have to admit that the resemblance is pretty uncanny, but it doesn’t stop at their looks because their personalities appear to match up too. Not to mention the fact that Jane had the exact same dishes we knew and loved in Beauty and the Beast. And they both wear iconic yellow ensembles? We can see it. We can definitely see it. 

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The peddler in Aladdin is actually the Genie in disguise

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Everybody was actually obsessed with the movie Aladdin, right? And we all remember the opening song known as ‘Arabian Nights’ as sung by the peddler, correct? Well, what if we told you that the peddler that sang his way into our hearts was actually the genie in disguise? Here is our reasoning: both characters have the same voice actor as well as similar personalities, the peddler’s robe is the same color as the genie, and they have the same number of fingers. Or, and this is just a thought, what if the entire plot of Aladdin never happened and it was all one big colorful story to get us to buy the lamp. Maybe we’ll never know.

Ariel’s mom was in Peter Pan and murdered by Captain Hook

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If you’ve seen Peter Pan, then you know the exact scene we’re talking about when we say ‘the mermaid scene’. Now, most of these mermaids are pretty forgettable, but there is one that sticks out: the redhead. And does a redheaded mermaid sound familiar to anyone? We’re not basing this theory on hair color alone, we also know that Ariel’s mother was killed by pirates meaning this nameless redheaded mermaid could have had a very unfortunate dealing with Captain Hook. Things start to add up real quick, ya know? 

Nemo didn’t actually survive the attack that claimed the lives of his mother and siblings

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Let’s face it, the opening scene of Finding Nemo is heartwrenching, but this theory will do its fair share of tugging at your heartstrings as well. The theory is that Nemo didn’t survive the attack either and the whole movie is simply his dad, Marlin, trying to deal with his grief. In Latin the term ‘Nemo’ means ‘nothing’, which could be a way of implying that Nemo is nothing more than a figment of Marlin’s imagination. Fans have also taken it upon themselves to find the five stages of grief perfectly outlined in the film: denial by not wanting Nemo to go to school, anger by yelling at Nemo when he swims out too far, bargaining when journeying across the ocean, despair when seeing Nemo flushed down the drain, and acceptance when learning to finally let go of the past.

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