41 Crazy Dating Experiences And Turn-Offs to Learn From

The dating game is a jungle, where men and women with different interests come together and try to find ever-elusive love. Unfortunately, one has to kiss a few frogs to find their prince or princess. Taking a chance on love is the epitome of hope, but all these romantic notions can be ruined if one teensy weensy thing makes a seemingly perfect date suddenly seem like punishment. We’ve all experienced bad dates, where the suitor has had terrible table manners, an oversized ego, or an eyebrow-raising lack of intelligence. We all have that one issue, that one red flag, that will transform a great date into a horrible one. Here, we will present many examples of embarrassing and disappointing issues that can make a great date go from a 10 to a zero in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Read on and get amused (or horrified) by the following weird and bizarre experiences and turn-offs that Redditors have shared with the world in a thread titled “Your date is a 10, what did he\she do that made them a 1?“. Take notes and learn from other people’s unfortunate experiences. As this article is filled with some pretty odd experiences, try not to laugh out loud and take too much pleasure from others’ unfortunate dates.

She was not smart

Sorry to say, but some people can be absolute airheads. Think along the lines of Pinky and the Brain. In the case of certain dates, this lack of intelligence may not be for a lack of trying because they tend to have extensive knowledge about specific topics, like makeup or the latest market trends, but it ends there.


A lack of common sense is bewildering. Most people like engaging their dates in deep conversations; that doesn’t mean they expect to talk about cardiovascular surgery or go into detailed analysis about sports. That being said, most people do expect that the other person will know how to use a straw.

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