These Home Disasters Are Every Homeowner’s Nightmare

We all know the anxiety of leaving the house and wondering if we locked the door behind us or if we turned the oven off. Most of the time, these intrusive thoughts are nothing to be worried about, but there are moments when they turn out to be true. If you are the kind of person who has recurring nightmares of the entire house flooding or a tree falling on the house and destroying the roof, then this compilation will probably show you your worst fears becoming a reality. However, if you enjoy commiserating with strangers about other people’s misfortunes, this is the perfect place for you. Keep reading to find out how these unlucky people got themselves into trouble.

The fridge’s door completely fell off its hinges

Fridge doors are designed to be pretty sturdy. All those dressing and condiment bottles can end up weighing a lot since many are made out of glass. If the door of your refrigerator is beginning to feel a bit wobbly, then you will have to be very careful whenever you grab it.

Photo: ItsMeMurphYSlaw via Reddit

Otherwise, it might fall off when you open it to get yourself a well-earned midnight snack. The worst part about the door breaking is that the appliance will end up becoming effectively useless. If the seal is broken, then all the cold air will escape and it will not reach a low enough temperature to properly preserve the food inside.

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