Redditors Share Gruesome Incidents That Made Them Wish They Had an ‘Unsee’ Button

Often enough, we stumble across things we wish we never came across. Usually, these things are quite insignificant, like some day-to-day occurrence that we don’t want to encounter, but for these Redditors, things were quite different. These people witnessed some of the most disturbing, gore-filled, and traumatizing incidents that would make anyone uneasy for days. These are the goriest and most disturbing stories people have seen in real-life and shared on a popular r/AskReddit’ subreddit. Just a warning, some of these accounts are extremely disturbing, involving violence and tragic death. These incidents will send shivers down your spine, and your stomach will churn. Just imagining yourself in their position might be worse than the scariest horror movie you’ve ever watched. This one is for all the gore-loving people out there! Are you brave enough to stomach these stories?

The ’Jungle Justice’ of Nigeria

Usually, the trial and punishment of criminals are handled by legal procedures defined by that country’s constitution and governing bodies. However, there are regions where these rules are just for the namesake, and the authority lies in the local tribespeople of these regions.

Image Courtesy: Reddit/@ogriff

The justice serving system in these regions is eerily strange and often disturbing. The ‘Jungle Justice’ here was one of the most brutal methods to punish a criminal; the guide explained it like nothing and showed how people don’t think of it as anything, which is scarier.

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