These Tech Fails Show Why Technology Is Far From Being Perfect

Technology has advanced a lot these past years. For example, smartphones keep us connected with our loved ones, and electronic machines help us with our daily chores. However, there’s a slight problem with trusting computers for everything—their software is only as intelligent as those who program them. And programmers, much like any other human being, make mistakes. They’re constantly trying to fix code errors, pesky bugs, and unexpected glitches that make a computer do what it isn’t supposed to. Although those malfunctions catch us off-guard, many of them are simply hilarious. So, we’ve decided to compile an assortment of tech fails that demonstrate that technology is far from being perfect. It might sound geeky, but trust us; you don’t need to be tech-savvy to appreciate them.

Important reminder: you must wear a face

Faces are part of people’s identities. When you meet someone, the first thing you’ll remember about them is their expression. And, as far as we know, You can’t take off your face or change it for another one. Still, the following picture is making us doubt.

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An internet user spotted a sign reminding people to “wear their faces.” It seems that it’s hinting that some people out there are walking around town faceless. We don’t know how that’s possible, but we prefer not to. Such knowledge would probably creep us out.

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