Angelina Jolie Is A Knife-Thrower? These Celebrities Have Surprising Skills That Could Make Them Just As Famous

From actresses to musicians, we love our favorite stars for their known professional talents. But, aside from their famous skills, these celebrities have interesting hobbies and talents. While we’ve seen some of these skills, some are astounding talents we couldn’t have guessed. Do you want to know what Margot Robbie’s secret talent is? We’ve compiled the most astonishing, surprising skills of our fave celebrities.

Aside from drugs, he also deals with dogs

In “Breaking Bad,” Aaron Paul played the role of a drug dealer, Jesse Pinkman. That was when we all knew him- and the memory of him being an excellent actor has stuck. Who knew he had another incredible talent aside from acting?

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It turns out Aaron is also a dog whisperer. He’s so good at it that he can know a dog’s sex by petting its back. On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” he patted a dog’s back and determined its sex correctly. 

So she also wields knives? We’re not that surprised

Angelina Jolie needs no introduction– she’s an award-winning actress and filmmaker. Considering her role in recent movies like “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,” we know she’s not the type to get scared easily. Her weapon-wielding prowess proved us right, after all. 

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Angelina revealed that she had always been interested in collecting weapons since she was a child. She learned about knife throwing while filming “Tomb Raiders.” Over a decade ago, on “The Conan O’Brien Show,” she wowed everyone with her knife-throwing skills.

Harley Quinn, the tattoo artist

Aside from rehearsing and acting, Margot Robbie also got busy with another skill on the set of “Suicide Squad.” It’s not surprising that the energetic actress has a side talent, but at the same time, it’s interesting to know Margot’s secret skill.

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Behind the scenes, Margot became friends with her colleagues by drawing tattoos on their bodies. The funny twist is that, although she has done more than 100 tattoos, she says she isn’t getting better at it. Well, it’s still a skill.

His awards aren’t only for acting; some are for flying

Harrison Ford is known for his “Indiana Jones” roles, gaining our love as a charismatic and roguish actor. If only you knew about his aerial skills, you’d love him even more. ( Have you guessed it already? He is also a pilot!

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Even before he became renowned as an actor, Harrison was a licensed pilot. He won different awards in recognition of his piloting skills. After getting the financial resources, he went back to his not-so-cheap skill. He could have made a living off that!

The actress that competed in the Olympics 

If you don’t remember her in “Cutthroat Island,” you’ll identify her as Bobby in “Ava.” Geena Davis is a famous actress, and it may surprise you that she’s also a master archer. Archery and acting aren’t a regular combo, you’ll agree.

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Geena participated in the semifinals of the U.S. Olympics in 1999 as an archer. We find this fantastic because she acted in “Stuart Little” in 1999 also. Interestingly, she picked up her archery skills only two years before the 1999 Olympics.

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