People Shared Warning Signs That Pointed To Serious Health Issues

Medicine has made incredible advances in recent years. Through medical research, humans have managed to perfect diagnostic tools and treatments. Nevertheless, we do not know everything, and some sicknesses still have no cure. Others, however, can be cured if caught on time but can be hard to detect, especially since doctors are human and may dismiss non-specific symptoms. Here we bring you a compilation of people who wish they had paid attention to their body’s warnings so you can be extra vigilant with your health. These unfortunate Redditors suffered the consequences of late diagnoses, and medical practitioners even dismissed some. So read on and remember that you should check with your doctor if even the slightest thing feels off.

A simple headache can point to a severe illness

Headaches are a common symptom and can point to a wide variety of issues. They often have no explanation, which is why doctors tend to dismiss them as normal. They usually prescribe over-the-counter medications to treat them instead of ordering further tests.

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After all, CT scans can be costly, and in the absence of other symptoms, it is considered there is little risk of serious illness. Fortunately, this woman insisted. Thanks to that, she was able to have surgery and live her life to the fullest.

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