These Vandals Showed Off Their Talent With Their Original Pieces Of Street Art

Vandalism is an incredibly polarizing subject. While some people consider it to be a modern and spontaneous expression of creativity, others find vandals to be criminals destroying public property. Still, it’s safe to say that multiple people who take their graffiti cans, paintbrushes, or markers to the street mean no harm and even intend to make passersby smile. ( Someone on the Internet compiled a list of impressive pieces of street art which will definitely change your perception of this humorous and critical activity. From a men’s public restroom sign turned into an X-Men reference to an electrical box painted to look like a Gameboy, get ready to be amazed by these artists’ clever and imaginative ideas displayed for everyone to see.

They changed the name of a fancy perfume

Waiting for the bus to arrive at the station can get incredibly boring. To pass the time, most people listen to music, play games on their phones, or text their loved ones. But this person took advantage of the opportunity to express their sense of humor.

Image courtesy of Reddit

The perfume advertisement starring Johnny Depp previously read Sauvage, the French word for “savage” or “wild.” Still, everyone can agree that “sausage” is a far better name for a fragrance. They even added a tiny picture on the side.

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