Check Out These Creepy Things Kids Have Done and Said To Their Parents

Kids are everything. Their overwhelming cuteness has the power to soften even the most hardened hearts. But being a parent means you get to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sometimes, kids transform into daredevils, embarking on outrageous excursions with no end in sight. Nothing seems off-limits in parenting, even if the idea itself refers to creating boundaries to raise a human capable of doing great things. However, things can become a little spooky at times. Perhaps a drawing of an imaginary friend? A nanny cam video of a child dancing in the middle of the night? What would terrify most adults seems to faze some of these children. Here are some situations where parents felt compelled to tell the world how creepy their children are.

This kid cuts the faces off baby dolls

There is something about these mutant toys that may remind you that you have seen them before. That is right, it is in the Toy Story films. Sid, Andy’s next-door neighbor, had an odd obsession with cutting apart toys and sewing them back together. Creepy.

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Maybe, this kid has a brilliant future as a famous plastic surgeon. However, their parents should be concerned about this destructive behavior. We hope he is not featured in a criminal Netflix series anytime soon.

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