Throwin’ it Back to ’04 With These Shocking Laguna Beach Secrets

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Okay, we’re going to get right into this because it’s fresh on our brains and we haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti recently premiered their podcast ‘Back to the Beach’ where listeners get the ultimate inside scoop behind MTV’s hit “reality” show Laguna Beach and let us be the first to tell you, this podcast did not disappoint. Listeners learn that from the start producers were creating a lot of drama themselves for the sake of a storyline, writing lines that Kristin described as “not things she would normally say”, and episodes were shot nine months out of the year so it was real easy for the editing team to stitch together scenes they needed. While it wasn’t necessarily news to us (we knew something had to be up) it was the validation from the stars themselves that made the tea extra hot. Let’s take a look at some other shocking secrets from Laguna. Alexa, play ‘Come Clean’ by Hilary Duff. 

Did you ever notice how we never saw anyone attending school? They were in high school, but we just saw them hanging out by the pool, going shopping, and eating pasta at that one restaurant they seemed to love. (And notoriously spring breaking in Cabo, of course!) Well, there’s a good reason for that, MTV was banned from being on campus by the school board. See, this was right around the time that whole Super Bowl-Janet Jackson thing happened and with both the Super Bowl and Laguna Beach being produced by MTV the school board thought it would be in their best interest to not have the cameras on campus. 

If you’ve watched Laguna Beach, then you know about the love triangle between Kristin, Stephen, and Lauren Conrad, but what we didn’t know was that MTV very much kept it alive by making Stephen, who was in a relationship with Kristin, go hang out with Lauren. 

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(image via: livingly)

It was in no way an accident that the entire cast of the show was good looking, in fact, executive producer Liz Gateley told Popsugar that she was in search of a clique comparable to those in Mean Girls or Heathers where each character is as intriguing as they are beautiful which brought her to Laguna. 

It’s hard to imagine Laguna Beach without the cast that we know and love. Even just one different casting and we’re sure the whole thing would have been entirely different, but how exactly did these teens get cast? High school students were able to go to an open audition where they received a 20-page booklet on the show, after this they got their picture taken, and took part in an interview. Of the eight teens chosen, they weren’t all friends, but they did all know each other, and as the show went on cast members pulled in other friends along the way. 

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