Wait, What? These Bad Parkers Had No Idea What Would Happen To Their Cars

Let’s go back to our school days for a moment. There is a nerd club in every class; that’s a fact. Yes, the type of students who always get straight A’s. You know, those guys who always try to guess the correct answer in every assignment. The second group might be the real protagonists in this article because, let’s be honest, it seems like they haven’t studied hard for their driving lessons. In today’s post, we’ll show you some funny (and some not-so-funny) stories about bad parkers who learned how to put their car in the correct spot in a weird way. We assure you that the result was much worse than getting a bad grade at school! And we’re sure they’ll never forget that lesson.

They got caught in their trap

Why park in one spot when you can use two? That is probably what this car’s driver thought. Maybe they were asleep, drunk, distracted, or thought this could be a perfect joke, but the monster truck driver didn’t think so.

Image courtesy of net.hr

Surprise, surprise! They didn’t imagine that the monster truck owner would have a better move: leaving them trapped. This car’s owner will surely have trouble getting out of there. Parking like this will no longer seem that funny, right?

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