These Are the Best Memes About the Roman Empire Trend

The Roman Empire is back, and this time, it’s not on the boring pages of your history textbook. The Roman Empire is the latest obsession of everyone on Tiktok, and it’s not just the history buffs that are interested. The trend sprung up from an Instagram post by Gaius Flavius, a Roman reenactor content creator, who revealed that men subconsciously think about Rome at least twice daily. Trust the internet to make millions of belly-aching memes from this simple trend. Here are some of the funniest!

This Tweeter tried using “Roman Empire” twice in a sentence

Who cares about the Roman Empire when you know all about Taylor Swift? Although the Roman Empire no longer exists, the Taylor Swift Empire is a perfect reincarnation that fulfills all purposes and bears similar features.

Both empires are vast and powerful and are known for their cultural impact. If there happens to be a war between the two empires, our money is on Taylor’s.

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Need rizz to win over your crush? Take advantage of this Roman Empire pickup line 

Have you been looking for the perfect pickup line to sweep your crush off their feet? Look no further; the father of the Roman Empire trend is here to save the day. 

You only need to freshen up, meet your crush, and say the magic rizz word. Finish up with “Hail Caesar” for some razzle and dazzle. We guarantee you’ll write back to us with a mouth full of appreciation and a heart full of joy. No need to thank us; it’s the least we can do. 

It’s time the Roman Empire took the reins in this relationship

We are in a one-sided relationship with the Roman Empire because all we do is think and think about it. We go as far as writing think pieces, educational articles, and even setting up a whole course on it, and we can’t even get a simple hi. 

On a lighter note, the Roman Empire is dead and has been for the past 2000 years, and the closest thing to it is Italy. If the Roman Empire were alive, it would think about us and send us many gifts. 

His job is just Beach (and thinking about the Roman Empire, of course)

Everyone knows Ken in “Barbie” for his skillful abilities on the beach. But nobody knows that Ken loves to think about the Roman Empire every minute of the day. And he is very good at it. 

Courtesy: Memedriod

He thinks about the Roman Empire when he dances, surfs, and even when he parties in his Mojo Dojo Casa House. This is yet another reason why he is KENOUGH. 

You’re the other woman; the Roman Empire is his main woman

If your partner is always deep in his thoughts, chances are he is thinking about the Roman Empire. Contrary to what you think, his mind is preoccupied with several war strategies.

Since this happens for a few minutes or hours, we advise you to hold onto whatever agenda you have, as he will have your full attention shortly. 

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