The Funniest Dad Jokes We Found on Reddit: Prepare to Groan and Giggle

As their name suggests, dad jokes are punchlines that dads drop with the intention of making their kids laugh. The funny thing about these one-liners is that they are usually cheesy or obvious. While people laugh at regular jokes because they are funny, you mostly laugh at dad jokes because they are not so funny. These five dad jokes will surely make your day.

“I’d rather drown than laugh.”

Most times, we only laugh at dad jokes out of pity. We fake amusement at the boring joke because we don’t want our dads to realize they wasted their efforts to amuse us. But how does someone laugh at a joke like this?

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It can be a real struggle to laugh when you’re not feeling an iota of amusement- this dad joke reminds us of that fact. Of course, Robertt Downey might be a good swimmer- so the obvious pun doesn’t follow.

If there’s such a description as half-funny

Let’s give it to them; dads sometimes tell funny jokes. Well, this one is not fully a part of that category. Although most dad joke questions are usually pretty obvious, this joke wasn’t so obvious after all.

Courtesy: Lone Tree Pediatrics/Reddit

With the word ‘pediatrician,’ we already know the answer to the question would have something to do with kids. But it’s still a funny joke because we couldn’t have seen the ‘patients’ part coming initially. That’s a good one, Dad.

An attempt at dark humor

Another common attribute of dad jokes is that they are usually lighthearted. This is probably because the listeners are still kids, and dads won’t want to say anything wrong or offensive. Well, this joke is an attempt at dark humor; you’ll agree.

Courtesy: ABC/Reddit

Okay, it’s funnier than many other dad jokes. But the truth remains that it’s not that funny- without even thinking twice, you can guess the word ‘butcher’ has the key to the answer. We suspect a young person told this ‘dad joke.’

Well, this requires some thinking.

Many dad jokes are lame because they don’t require much deliberation- the answer is always clear. However, some dad jokes are interesting because they sound like some thought was put into ‘inventing’ them. This joke is a typical example of what we’re saying.

Courtesy: ADC/Reddit

The interesting thing is the joke isn’t that straight. It doesn’t sound like a question; it will most likely catch you unaware when whoever is telling the joke stops talking. While the joke won’t make you laugh, it won’t make you groan either. 

If this isn’t a trap, we don’t know what is

Dad jokes or not, when someone drops a joke in the form of a technical question, your natural instinct is to think of a related technical word that could be the answer. That’s what makes this joke funny.

Courtesy: RD/Reddit

It’s amusing that the joke makes it seem like you wasted your time thinking at all. Of course, it’s a disappointment when your initial appointment is canceled- but who would have thought that was the answer? The joke makes one feel like an overthinker.

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