We Really Aren’t Sure What We Were Thinking When We “Rocked” These Trends

We get it, fashion trends circle back around and this is just a very normal thing that happens. But hear us out, we just thought it would be a really long time before we saw low-rise jeans come back, and mentally we were not prepared for that. Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane to look at a few more of the worst fashion trends we really thought were, well, all that

Belly Chains

(image via: harpers bazaar

There is no convincing us that it’s possible to eat pasta for dinner and keep a belly chain perfectly intact. And if it’s something we can’t comfortably eat pasta in then we’re done and count us out. We aren’t sure why we thought this was the coolest thing ever back in the day but we definitely purchased these while at the mall with our friends, then hid them from our parents. 

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Any Article of Clothing That Needed Laced Up

(image via: cosmopolitan

We really don’t understand why we couldn’t just have jeans that buttoned and zipped or full shirts, but everything had to lace up or it just wasn’t cool. Needless to say we’re glad as a generation we’ve moved past that, and we are ready for everything to need elastic or else it isn’t cool. Just sayin’. 

Two Words: Whale Tails 

(image via: refinery 29)

If you aren’t familiar, this is the term for letting your thong hang out of the top of your pants a la early-2000s Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. The dress codes of office buildings and schools everywhere nowadays could never. 

Super Skinny Scarves

(image via: pinterest

We just have one question: who and what were these for? They were so long, they were so skinny, and they weren’t the least bit warm. All we know is we accumulated drawers upon drawers full of these and never missed an opportunity to wear them. 

Denim Maxi Skirts

(image via: marie claire

Don’t get us wrong, you will have to pry our maxi skirts from our cold, dead hands, but of the denim variety? Not only were these skirts heavy and what were we to wear them with other than a slip-on platform sandal, but these skirts very much give us ‘Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey’. 

Gigantic Belts

(image via: today

Gigantic belts that served exactly zero purposes, we might add. The 2000s were not a time for minimalism or subtly, so every gigantic belt had something about it whether it was a massive buckle or heavy metal accents. Either way, whether they were worn down low or up high they never really made sense.

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