Reality Binge: Here Are the Best Reality Shows to Watch on Netflix and Give Your Brain a Rest

Although you can watch TikTok videos on your phone, reality shows offer a more immersive experience. We all love reality TV shows because they give us something light- you don’t have to be tortured by suspense or travel to fantasy land. From romance shows to adventures, there is a reality show for everyone. We’ll highlight the best five to watch right now in this article.

Nailed It!

This reality show revolves around the kitchen- but with a significant incorporation of comedy. “Nailed It!,” which started in 2018, isn’t your regular cookery show. Hosted by comedian Nicole Byer, the original show features a sort of contest.

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Amateur bakers have to replicate professional desserts for a $10,000 grand prize– and they often fail. Guest judges like Reggie Watts, Wayne Brady, and Sam Richardson make each episode worth watching with their comments. 


If you’re a fan of adventure, you won’t be disappointed by this reality show that has entertained viewers since 2000. “Survivor” is a reality competition where 16 to 20 people have to work together and fend for each other in a deserted location.

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Since they have to vote each other out until the last survivor remains, it’s interesting to see relationships form and break. Contestants don’t have a set of rules to abide by, so they often incorporate different strategies to get to the end of the competition.

Love Is Blind

“Love Is Blind” is another popular reality show on Netflix; from the name, you already know it’s a reality love show. Nick and Vanessa Lachey host the show, and it is about seeing if love is truly blind. So, what’s the ‘blind’ factor in the show?

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Contestants are placed in pods, so they have to know each other while being separated by a wall and never seeing each other. After several meetings with potential matches, the contestants must decide if they want to propose. Then they are taken on a honeymoon with their betrothed and spend three weeks before deciding to say ‘I do’ at the altar.

Blown Away

“Blown Away” is an unconventional reality TV show that captures viewers’ attention regardless of age or interest- so you can be sure that you’ll get blown away. In the art competition show, artists are challenged to work on different projects.

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The challenges often involve blowpipes, furnaces, and molten glass. The glass-blowing show gives viewers first-hand knowledge of the mesmerizing art. Watching beautiful glass creations come into existence is the fun part.

Indian Matchmaking

“Indian Matchmaking” is an interesting matchmaking show hosted by Sima Taparai. The show is all about watching Sima do her thing, which is matchmaking singles from India to America based on their backgrounds and personal preferences.

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Of course, the show features ghosting, family drama, dates gone wrong, and other relatable scenarios that entertain viewers. The show depicts the reality of how things happen in the dating and matchmaking world.

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