Biting One’s Landlord Is a Criminal Offense? These Weird State Laws Make It So Easy to Become a Criminal

Laws are enforced to enhance peaceful coexistence and order, but some laws just make you wonder what the reason behind them is. Considering the saying that “one man’s food is another man’s poison,” the laws in different states remind us of the importance of research before traveling. In this article, we’ll explore five of the weirdest state laws and how to avoid arrest cross-country.

Orange isn’t on the bath fruit menu

Have you ever wondered what fruits or snacks you’re approved to bathe in? Of course you haven’t. So we were surprised upon learning that a certain fruit is prohibited at bathtime. Eating an orange in the tub is a crime in California. What brought such a law?

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It was discovered that the citric acid could cause an explosion by reacting with the natural oils in the bath. Although the law still exists, we’re curious about how the police would know if someone ate a bag of oranges in the tub.

Keep your teeth out of the ring

Have you ever had a landlord that made you want to lose your mind with frustration? Instead of acting out your annoyance, it’s important to avoid your money-hungry landlord, or you might become a criminal in Maine.

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In Rumford, Maine, it’s illegal for you to bite your landlord. The law came about when a tenant showed their landlord hell. The law doesn’t say you can’t deal with your landlord differently, though.

You might just sing your way to jail

Doesn’t it feel good to head over to the beach in your swimsuit, bask in the warm breeze, and sing along to a relaxing playlist? Doing that in the Sunshine State will make you a criminal.

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It’s illegal to sing in your swimsuit in Florida; singing along to the radio while walking alone is also prohibited. We can’t help but wonder why the law was made. To be on the safer side, you might as well avoid singing outdoors altogether.

It’s not just annoying, it’s a crime

It doesn’t matter if you’re not in a library; someone eating loudly or slurping their soup in public is the most irritating sound. Well, someone must have had stronger feelings than the rest of us.

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In New Jersey, it’s illegal to consume your soup in public noisily. While it may seem like a relief for people who suffer from misophonia, it is odd. What if you want to eat your lunch on the go? Can you slurp hot chocolate or coffee loudly?

Keep it real with the pets

Dogs are fun to play with; we make silly faces to make fun of them when they stare at us and laugh at their reaction. Well, if you were in Oklahoma, making a silly face at a dog simply makes you a legal offender.

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It gets even more radical in Ohio; if you make any kind of face (silly, scary, or sweet) at a dog, it might result in a jail term or a fine. Keeping your face neutral while looking at a dog is advised in these states.

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