Matthew Perry Was More Than Chandler Bing: Here are 5 Other Films and Shows He was In

Chandler Bing on “Friends” was one exceptional character we can’t forget. However, Matthew Perry’s role as Chandler Bing on the decades-long show was just one of his many roles. He acted in different movies and shows after his “Friends” debut. This article is dedicated to five of Matthew Perry’s other famous roles.

Alex in “Fools Rush In” (1997)

Matthew Perry acted in this movie about three years into his “Friends” role. His wonderful acting made people overlook the fact that the movie itself was a bit ahead of its time in terms of representation. Trust him to always charm viewers.

Courtesy: Reddit

Matthew played Alex, who had a one-night stand with Isabel (Salma Hayek) in Las Vegas and impregnated her. The couple’s chemistry as they navigated their differences to see if they wanted to live together was beautiful.

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Joe in “Serving Sara” (2002)

It’s no news that Matthew Perry was good at serving us absurd comedy; his role in “Serving Sara” proves that point further. In this movie, he played a process server, Joe, who served legal papers to a British socialite, Sara (Elizabeth Hurley).

Courtesy: TV Guide

One thing led to another, and Joe paired up with Sara. As you can expect, they might just fall in love. Again, this movie reminds us that Matthew Perry wasn’t bad either when it came to spicing things up with a bit of romance.

Joe in “The West Wing” (2003)

We’ve always heard ‘it’s not how far, but how well’; Matthew’s role in this NBC political drama tells us just that. Matthew Perry was a guest actor for the fourth and fifth seasons of the show, only appearing in three episodes.

Courtesy: People

However, he got two Emmy nominations (2003 and 2004) for his superb skills on the show. He played Joe Quincy, a Republican lawyer who became an associate White House counsel and uncovered a scandal that made the Vice President resign.

Hudson in “Numb” (2007)

“Numb” was a dark comedy infused with romance; it was based on the true experience of the writer and director, Harris Goldberg. Matthew Perry depicted the screenwriter’s battle with acute depersonalization disorder.

Courtesy: IMDb

When Hudson (Perry) met the girl of his dreams, he tried hard to cure himself of his mental condition. His character gained the viewers’ love and appreciation– he was both funny and real.

Oscar in “The Odd Couple” (2015 – 2017)

This interesting sitcom had its history; it was a remake of the popular 70s sitcom of the same name- and the 70s sitcom was based on a 1965 play, named “The Odd Couple.” However, Matthew Perry’s role as Oscar Madison was more iconic.

He acted alongside Thomas Lennon, who played the role of Felix Unger, which made the show more exciting. Of course, what could possibly go wrong with Matthew acting as a high-spirited, messy roommate? Although the show was canceled, we’re sure it had nothing to do with poor reception.

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