These TV Shows Take Place All Over The United States But Weren’t Exactly Filmed in the Plot’s City

TV shows keep families, friends, and individuals entertained every day and glued to their couches. These shows connect with people and make them feel every emotion. They make great conversation starters and have become the foundation of active and long-standing fan clubs. Across the United States, many shows have been set in individual states. Some have made such a mark in the state that they even have special days or tourists flocking to the filming locations. Have you always dreamed of sitting on the “Friends” couch or walking the hospital halls of Grey Sloan Memorial? Let’s go on a trip around the US and see where our favorite TV series were filmed and take place.

The Big Bang Theory-Pasadena: Influencers aren’t the only people who live in California

“The Big Bang Theory” was shot in Pasadena, California, and there were many references to the city and how the overall lifestyle of the people affected the main cast. The main building where most of the cast lived was a stand-in for an actual building; the Brookmore Apartments. Other real-life locations mentioned were the California Institute of Technology -where most of the characters worked-, Stuart’s comic shop (a replica of a popular comic factory in the city), and The Cheesecake Factory -although the restaurant’s décor in the show is completely different from the real deal. 

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The gang is seen at CalTech, the apartment building, in The Cheesecake Factory, or the home of Wolowitzes. The city’s lifestyle is often spoken about, from street life to highlife fun and club life. Although set in Pasadena, the actual shooting location was Stage 25, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios. Star Simon Helberg currently lives in the city alongside his wife, having recently bought a $12 million-plus home. These nerds knew their way around California.

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