Where There’s a Meme, There’s Someone Who Needs Help Understanding It: These People Missed Obvious Jokes in Some Pretty Tragic Ways

The internet is filled with memes and jokes, each resulting from a notable or funny event that took place on or offline. To reminisce on these events, netizens (that is, citizens of the internet) combine words and pictures to depict these viral moments and relate to viewers who will understand them. However, some people just do not get the joke, despite the number of times others try to explain it to them. Some jokes and memes are difficult to understand, but these people experienced this moment of unawareness in the presence of millions of people. How embarrassing is this? Read below if you want to laugh at other people’s idiotic responses to these memes.

Dinosaurs did exist long ago, but this poor guy would not believe it

This is one of those times you happily thank your high school history and biology teacher for the impacted knowledge they gave you. A post regarding an oil painting of people using dinosaurs as a mode of transport surfaced on the internet with a caption that requires users to explain the picture. 

Photo courtesy of ifunny.co

This poor man would rather believe Santa lives at the North Pole and brings gifts regularly every Christmas than acknowledge the existence of dinosaurs. His reply further shows that a handful of Americans, a staggering 40%, believe dinosaurs never existed and were contorted up from the imaginations of man. I wouldn’t, too, if not for knowledge and research. Have you seen the size of those things?

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