Hot Girl Summer Is Around The Corner: These Hilarious Tweets Will Make Sure You Know How to Celebrate and Laugh

Get ready to turn up the heat because “Hot Girl Summer” is in full swing! Thanks to Megan Thee Stallion, everybody’s social media feed is flooded with pictures of women being in their element as the temperature gets warmer and days get longer. However, one important detail that Megan Thee Stallion missed out on was, defining what actually is this “Hot Girl Summer”. What started out as a liberating and empowering movement has taken different shapes as women perceive it differently. These tweets sum up the “Hot Girl Summer” movement in the most hilarious and relatable way! Looking for inspiration for your “Hot Girl Sh*t”? You might wanna steal these ideas!

Well Yes, But No!

What’s your definition of “Hot Girl Summer”? For some of us, it might be partying on beaches or boats, while for others, it might be hibernating in your room with the AC on blast.

Credits: Twitter

But one definition that we can all relate to is “When it’s so hot in the car, your thighs stick to the seat.” After all, it’s not all about partying at the beach; it’s also about driving to the beach!

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Ladies, Take Notes!

What’s the point of flirting your way through a month or two if you end up being cold and lonely for the rest of the year? Well, that’s where smart future planning comes into the game!

Credits: Twitter

This woman has found a Hot Girl Summer hack! Now you don’t have to compromise on either having the time of your life this summer AND a decent and healthy relationship for the long term! Ladies! You better be noting it down!

“Hot Girl Summer Turning My Eyes Sweaty Pretty Quickly”

When Meghan Thee Stallion defined the Hot Girl Summer movement as an “uplifting movement” to inspire girls to stand up for other girls and embrace their flaws, she probably didn’t think it’d go as far as an intense therapy sesh between friends.

Credits: Twitter

Well, that’s one way to go about it. As long as it makes you feel like a “Hot Girl”, bonding with friends over life is a good way to embrace the hot season. Even if it comes at the expense of an entire box of tissues!

“Hot Girls Sh*T” But Sh*T’s About To Get Real

Probably the last thing that you’d want on a hot summer afternoon is your air conditioner breaking down. Even if it is repairable, just the thought of going an hour or two without AC is horrifying.

Credits: Twitter

Now, things get worse once your gym’s air conditioning has been broken for a week. Either the Hot Girls are using this to their advantage, sweating off extra calories, or they’re taking to the streets.

We Like To Call It The Maybe Someday Wish List

When a girl says, “I don’t have any apps on my phone,” she neglects to mention she has Pinterest or any other shopping platform. And we don’t blame you, ladies. For some reason, Pinterest has a better wardrobe collection than most online stores.

Credits: Twitter

Scrolling down Pinterest is just as addictive as being stuck in the endless scrolling loop of Instagram Reels or TikToks. After all, you wanna shop for “Hot Girl Summer.” So consider this a prep stage and treat yourself to something you’ll wear all Summer.

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