Everyone Can Relate to At Least ONE John Mulaney Joke, and We’re Here to Prove It

If you aren’t familiar with funnyman John Mulaney, he’s a stand-up comedian, an actor, a writer, and producer. Mulaney has recently made headlines after announcing he and his girlfriend Olivia Munn are expecting their first child, but he is best known for his brilliant stand-up specials, as well as being a writer on Saturday Night Live. After watching each and every one of his comedy specials, we’re pretty convinced we can all relate to some Mulaney one-liner or story. Let’s take a look! 


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We can get behind this one, one-hundred percent. Meeting the parents is stressful for everybody, and frankly, we’ve never once been excited about it or thought hanging out with our parents was really what our date night was missing. 

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While it feels like we were teenagers just yesterday, the truth of the matter is we most certainly weren’t, and we know this because teens are very scary to us now. Alexa, play ‘Teenagers’ by My Chemical Romance

Life goals

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Frankly, he hit the nail on the head here. The same could be said for family gatherings and school reunions. 


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We may not look it, but we certainly feel as though we’ve just been sitting in a room with a chair eating Saltines for 28 years. If you know, you know, we guess. 

THOSE people

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John Mulaney is notorious for impersonating people in his own way, perfectly adopting their mannerisms; and if you’ve ever been in a relationship or you’re married, you know exactly the kind of person he’s talking about. 


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Okay, well, we’ve never been in this predicament personally, but we can imagine that yes, something worse than a miracle happened in that instance. 

Personality traits

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Is everyone else this non-confrontational or is it just us and John Mulaney? 


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We typically hate anything that reminds us of being a pre-teen ever, but this is also the only way to describe this age. So much embarrassment for no reason. 


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This is a great bit Mulaney does, sharing about the time he learned a little lesson on the FBI not finding his jokes funny when he was just trying to be a good friend. The whole thing is totally worth a YouTube search, and further proof that celebrities really are just like us. 

Furthering your education

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If you’ve ever gone to college, this will speak volumes. If you watch the whole bit, you’ll learn that he’s referring to colleges reaching out to alumni for more money, and if you’re an alumni, this will also speak volumes.

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