Are You A Fall Girlie? Then You Need to Visit Vermont!

 If you’ve been thinking you should book a trip this fall to just take the season in, you are absolutely correct. And you should consider this your sign to book said trip to, wait for it, Vermont. Hear us out on this one. 

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The apple picking in Vermont is top-notch. You don’t have to go far to find an orchard and if you aren’t fully confident in your knowledge of apples and their many varieties, the friendly faces working at the orchards are more than happy to help. Apple orchards also make for the sweetest fall photos. And no worries if you pick one too many apples, head back to your Airbnb and make some caramel apples or a thick homemade apple pie for later. You might as well enjoy the local flavors once you’re there, right? 

Historical covered bridges are a big deal in Vermont, and we don’t know about you, but we never get sick of looking at them. Most of the covered bridges were built in the mid-1800s, but all of them are picturesque making for a quaint photo backdrop. 

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If you can squeeze in some time to check out Burlington, Vermont, you simply must check out Church Street. Think cobblestone streets, charming cafes, delicious restaurants, and little shops everywhere you look. Stopping here even for “just a little while” may inspire you to spend the remainder of your trip here, and we wouldn’t blame you. 

In a word: foliage. As non-New Englanders we are fully aware we get overly excited about the changing of the seasons, but can you blame us? Whether you’re driving, walking, or kayaking, there will be views you catch during your adventure that will positively take your breath away. 

Ice cream fanatics probably already know, but Ben and Jerry’s was founded in Vermont and now you can tour the factory where you can taste all of the best flavors AND visit the flavor graveyard where retired flavors have gone to die. 

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Do you live for the moment you can live in your oversized sweaters and jeans? Because same. And by the month of October in Vermont, this is pretty much the look. So what we’re saying is, if you want to experience the perfect fall day in your favorite sweater perusing bookstores while you sip a hot latte, then Vermont is the place for you. (  

Sometimes sitting in a car on a trip is boring and nap-inducing, but there are a ton of scenic drives through Vermont that are anything but, our favorite being Smuggler’s Notch. This route is just as historically significant as it is beautiful with roots deep in, well, smuggling. As long as you’re in a car, there are plenty of stops along the way for you to explore or simply take in the beauty.

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