Did Santa Really Deliver These Gifts? The Most Outrageous Gifts The Kardashians Have Opened Christmas Morning

Especially when we were kids, Christmas mornings were always exciting because of the amazing gifts we would open. Well, as we grew up, there were fewer surprises to expect. However, it’s a different ball game for the Kardashian-Jenner clan. The famous women have received unbelievably wonderful gifts on Christmas mornings. Here are five of them.

Not your regular matching gifts

You’ve probably gotten gifts that matched with your siblings as a kid– it’s a thoughtful gesture. But these matching gifts are over-the-top. They were not stockings or any other clothing; they were 1956 Ford Thunderbird cars.

Courtesy: Instagram

Kendall, Kourtney, Rob, Kylie, Khloe, and Kim gifted Kris a white 1956 Ford Thunderbird for 2016 Christmas. As if that wasn’t enough, they gave their grandmother, Mary Jo, the red version of the same car. If that’s not extravagant, what is?!

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Who wouldn’t want to be Daddy’s little princess?

We all know daddy’s little princesses receive outrageous gifts from their dads from time to time. However, some gifts are too outrageous to be called ‘regular’; such is the type of Christmas gift North got from her dad.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

In 2014, Kanye West gifted his two-year-old princess, North, a tiara encrusted with real diamonds. At that time, the tiara cost a whopping sum of $62,000! Can Santa ever afford that?

Not the type of makeup kids ‘play’ with

Little girls enjoy playing make-believe with their moms’ makeup; we all did it when we were younger. But there was some makeup stuff that our moms always kept out of our reach, right? That was what these kids got.

Courtesy: POPSUGAR

North West and Penelope Disick got custom Kylie Lip Kits from Kylie Jenner in 2016. At ages eight and nine, respectively, these kids got such expensive Kylie cosmetics. Many adults can only dream of it!

She got Disney, not just a trip to Fantasyland 

Girls love Disney fantasy movies, dolls, and literally everything! However, Kanye West, known to give extravagant gifts, took this ‘Disney love’ to another level. He didn’t just get Kim a Disney gift.

Courtesy: Instagram

In 2017, Kanye opened a box containing stock certificates for Disney and other big companies like Amazon and Netflix. Interestingly, other gifts like a Mickey Mouse doll and Adidas socks first popped up in the box. The Disney stock was $100,000.

A gift worthy of the receiver’s status

Of course, it’s the thought that matters when it comes to gifts. But then, you’ll agree with us that some gifts are exceptionally mind-blowing because of their worth. This bag is one such gift.

Courtesy: Instagram

Kris received a $15,000 Goyard suitcase for Christmas in 2018. Although there were speculations that Khloe was the gifter, we think all the ladies bought her their mom the custom suitcase.

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