Check Out These Original Signs Teachers Hung On Their Classroom Walls

When you look back on your school days, you probably remember those who taught you your ABCs and, later on, more complex and tedious math equations. While some teachers may have rightfully earned a positive reputation, others deserved some bad press, right? However, this profession shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially considering that many teachers have to work long hours and deal with rowdy students. Some witty educators have hung signs in their classrooms as a last resort to restore order and implement innovative learning techniques. From a questionable way of telling students to practice with their instruments to a SpongeBob meme that encourages language learning, take a look at these original classroom signs.

Beyonce reminds you to write your name on the paper

Imagine you’ve spent the whole night studying before an important test. You’ve drunk five cups of coffee and made colorful flashcards with the topics you most struggle with. Once the day of the exam arrives, you answer every question confidently.

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Still, you forget one simple detail: you didn’t write your name on your question paper. A teacher found a clever way of reminding their students not to boycott their exams with this silly mistake. Every time they see that Beyonce poster, they’ll know what to do.

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