Worst Movie Endings: These Movies Are Etched Into Our Minds Because We’re Still Mad At Their Final Scenes

Some movie endings make us feel blue while others end with a bang- but this article isn’t about these movies; it’s about movies with endings that make us roll our eyes or hiss in annoyance. While some of these bad movie endings are fitting because the movie was so-so from the onset, others ruined movies that could have been our favorites. Here are five films with the most disappointing endings.

Man of Steel (2013)

Sometimes, it’s exciting when movie makers give us ‘twists’ by making the most iconic characters change their behavior unexpectedly. However, in this movie, it’s obvious that it’s not always a good idea. 

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At the end of Man of Steel, Superman violently kills General Zod after destroying much of the Metropolis in the process. The issue we have with this ending is that Superman is always a man of virtue- the negative behavior just didn’t follow.

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

Even if you’re the fantasy or easy romance film type, you’ll agree with us that movies become wack when things just go on too smoothly. In (500) Days of Summer, the ending was just fitting since the movie has been ‘over-smooth’ from the beginning.

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After Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character ends a chaotic relationship with a woman called Summer, he meets a new woman called Autumn. It just feels like the movie makers are insulting our intelligence. Autumn, really?

Lucy (2014)

Although some people don’t like the movie, most of us like Lucy because it’s one crazy sci-fi based on the belief that we only use 10 percent of our brains. However, the ending was rather disappointing- things went way out of logical proportion.

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While we enjoyed watching Lucy use her super-brain powers to perplex the bad guys, the ending was untenable. Lucy gets to 100 percent brain capacity, and she just disappears- or becomes a flash drive, we don’t know. Saying she’s ‘everywhere’ now didn’t just sit right with us.

Now You See Me (2013)

While a good ‘shock’ factor can be what a movie needs to give viewers an exciting experience, it goes too far sometimes. The movie ending feels like the movie makers slapped us in the face.

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In the movie, Mark Ruffalo’s character tries to capture some heisting illusionists, a group of magicians. Well, it magically turned out to be that he was a magician and the real mastermind…and he was also an FBI agent. Then the movie has a sequel- can’t the torture just end there?

Remember Me (2010)

Of course, we won’t forget Remember Me– but it’s not because we were satisfied by how the movie played out. Although the movie was good from the beginning, when it got to the ending, it became a not-so-funny catastrophe.

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In the movie’s final minutes, Robert Pattison goes to work, and his sister goes to school. Guess where his character worked? At the World Trade Center. Then, the date written on the board at his sister’s school was September 11, 2001. The fact that he was at the center moments before the attacks is just crazy.

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