Hilarious Images That Make Us Wonder If The Universe Is Laughing At Us

One of the best things about the internet is that even the slightest mishap is recorded forever, either in a picture, video, or tweet. And there are a lot of minor misfortunes that, as long as no one gets hurt, can make us laugh for a bit. Maybe you wore a shirt with a hilarious slogan without noticing and someone took a photo, or your cat had a really funny fall and you caught it on video. These moments are probably just an amazing coincidence, but they feel like a sign that the universe is laughing at us. The following images represent the universe’s weird sense of humor. We hope that they can light up your day!

An extra guest appeared on this kid’s shirt

Kids don’t enjoy nearly as much taking family pictures as adults do. Parents love to dress their children and round them up from shortest to tallest. But there’s always a black sheep in every family. Just look at this example below.

Photo Day Clothing Takes A Bit Of Prep Work
Courtesy of Pictures from Polish profiles

Here’s a little rebel with a t-shirt of the band Prodigy. He must’ve had a fight with his parents to even wear that. We can’t imagine their reaction to how the photo turned out. We hope the man didn’t get to the little girl.

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