From Lyrical Errors To Tripping On Stage, These Stars Can’t Live Down These Mortifying Moments!

In public, celebrities are sophisticated and put together- or appear to be. But sometimes, things fall apart, and celebrities make embarrassing mistakes, which may or may not be their fault. Just as Madonna’s fall is unforgettable, countless mortifying moments have become highlights of different events. We bring you the biggest celebrity fumbles; some will make you feel for them, while others will make you laugh.

Nobody Told Us ‘One’ Was the New ‘Five’!

Kendall Jenner was supposed to introduce the band 5 Seconds of Summer at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Instead, she started saying, ‘One…’ before correcting herself. She broke into hysterical laughter upon realization. It was embarrassing because it wasn’t a random mistake.

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Everyone noticed because it wasn’t news that she dated Harry Styles, a former One Direction member, a few months before the event. She probably still had him in her head. Aside from her laughter, she didn’t talk about it again.

We’re Still Wondering Where That Came From

At the 2014 Oscars, John Travolta was presenting the “Frozen” star, Idina Menzel, when he pronounced something else. He mistakenly called her “…one and only Adele Dazeem”. It was such a mortifying moment because it didn’t sound similar to her name at all.

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As he read her name on the teleprompter, the audience’s attention shifted from Idina to John. After the event, John apologized several times, on different occasions, to Idina and her fans. If mentioned in an interview tomorrow, he’ll probably apologize again.

Her Fall was Not-So-Funny

At the 2013 Academy Awards, Jennifer Lawrence ascended the stairs to receive the Best Actress award when she tripped. As she stood up, it was obvious that she wasn’t just brushing it off- honestly, her dress exaggerated the fall. (

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When she got back up, the audience gave her a standing ovation. Jennifer called the audience out, saying, “…you feel bad that I fell- it’s really embarrassing”. In a 2021 podcast appearance, Jennifer said the fall was a sensitive topic for a while.

A Good Try, But it Had to Happen

Meghan Trainor performed “Me Too” during a “Late Night Show” episode in 2016. Then her heels seemed to conspire against her, and she ended up on the floor. She fell with the mic stand- that made it embarrassing and hilarious.

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The embarrassing part was when she tried to avoid falling. It was an undeniably funny sight for everyone- also because Meghan burst into laughter. She just lay there, and Jimmy Fallon even joined her on the floor. 

Never Underestimate the Effect of Earphones

Iggy Azalea had her mortifying moment during the 2014 live finale of “Dancing With the Stars”. She was singing “Fancy” as she came down the stairs- then she suddenly stopped singing. She revealed that something was wrong with her earphone.

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The sudden pause of the song was embarrassing. However, she continued singing- and she did wonderfully well. She apologized to her fans on Twitter, saying, “I am so sorry, guys. My in-ears messed up, and I couldn’t hear the track”.

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