We’re Obsessed with Tabitha Brown’s Target Collection, Here is What You Can Expect

We love a good Target collaboration, and this one is for the books. It’s Tabitha Brown, so think bright colors, think boho, think cool art teacher, and get ready to either camp out at your local Target or have the website bookmarked because this collab drops soon

Who Is She? 

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In a word, an absolute queen. Tabitha Brown is an actress and social media personality that somehow manages to combine veganism, humor, and motivational speaking. If all of this is sounding familiar, you’ve probably seen her viral TikTok video praising the heck out of Whole Foods TTLA (tempeh bacon, tomato, lettuce, avocado) sandwich, and since then she’s pretty much become the face of vegan eating, and frankly, her genuine enthusiasm about it has us excited about veganism in a way we never thought possible. If you’re into the vegan side of things, check out What the Health? On Netflix. It isn’t just Brown’s enthusiasm for veganism that gets people excited, but more her zest for life and how important both mental and physical health is. Here are just a few of our favorite Tabitha Brown quips: 

“Despite what anybody may have to say to you or about you today, you are enough. Yesterday, you were enough. Today, you are enough. Tomorrow, you’ll be enough. Forever, you’re enough.”

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“Work on your dash, honey. You know… that line between the year of your birth and the year of your death that shows up on the tombstone”

“I know what society says. I know what the culture demands. But at what point are we going to get off that ride?”

Okay, we could go on for days about Tabitha Brown, so the last thing we’ll say that isn’t Target-related is to read her book. You can nab a copy here

Target, Honey

Tabitha Brown’s Target line is everything a summer wardrobe should be. There are bright, bold botanical prints, mixed patterns, and easy, breezy silhouettes, it’s truly joy encapsulated. 

(image via: instyle

See what we mean about bright, bold patterns? These pieces are perfect for lounging (ever so stylishly) by the pool or out and about on a warm summer’s day. 

(image via: instyle)

Swimsuit cover-up? Dress for an evening out? Dress for a lazy Saturday? The answer is a hard yes. 

(image via: instyle

We love mixing patterns and there is something about Brown’s use of pattern and color in her pieces that reminds us of illustrations in a children’s book but in the best possible way. And we simply can’t turn down lemons for summertime.  

This isn’t even close to all the line will have to offer, think swimwear, cover-ups, accessories, dresses, the whole thing. The line drops on June 11th, so get ready for it!

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