Check Out These Weird Reasons Why People Got Fired

Being an adult is the absolute worst! Paying bills, grocery shopping, and cleaning your house can be demanding tasks, yet they are also necessary. But on top of all that, you also have to work every day? No way! A working schedule can certainly be exhausting for anyone, especially if you don’t like your current job or coworkers. At the end of the day, you could feel so overwhelmed that you might leash out and end up being fired. The TV host, Jimmy Fallon, asked on Twitter for funny or embarrassing reasons why people were laid off, and hundreds of answers came up with the hashtag #WhyIGotFired. What’s more, some of them even made it to the Tonight Show! Here are some of the hilarious responses we’ve found. яндекс

Titanic performance at the counter goes wrong

Nowadays, working at a video store is kind of a bummer. With the rise of on-demand services, almost no one chooses to go out and rent a movie anymore. So work-days can get really dull, and joking with your coworkers might be the best option to pass the time. However, your boss might not find it as funny as you do.

Courtesy of: Twitter @FlavahText

Check out what happened to Twitter user Doug Breese. He just wanted to be “The king of the world,” but he ended up being fired. Maybe his boss did not like his acting, or perhaps he was not a Spielberg fan. Anyways, hopefully, his current job is keeping him a little busier.

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