The Art of Celebrity Roasts: A Look Back at the Biggest Burns On Comedy Central

We always love seeing other sides of our favorite celebrities aside from when they are performing; their appearances on reality shows are so interesting to watch. Speaking of these shows, Celebrity Roast shows us the funny and savage sides of our best stars. However, there are some funny celebrity roast moments that we can’t just forget.

The truth that didn’t taste so bitter

This particular celebrity roast reminds us that the truth isn’t always bitter– it might make us laugh out loud before pausing to think. Snoop Dogg hilariously roasted Donald Trump. So, which jokes did the singer make?

He joked that Trump had disappointed more women than Sex and the City 2. Of course, we know that joke isn’t far from the truth. Snoop also predicted Trump’s presidential win by saying it won’t be the first time he pushed a Black family out of their home.

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Good thing it didn’t come from someone else

Speaking of roasts that hit on a deep level, Alec Baldwin’s roast has got to be one of the most memorable. Alec Baldwin’s joke about Adam Carolla’s show, Top Gear, was nothing compared to the one that hit him.

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Someone spiced things up by saying Alec was more than an average lunatic who loses his temper; but he also loses Emmys, Oscars, and even custody of his firstborn child. Guess who said that; it was his daughter, Ireland Baldwin.

You can’t tell us he didn’t plan this

You’ll agree that Patrice O’Neal was one of the most memorable roast gods. Well, his roast of these celebs was one of the best of all time; it makes us wonder if it was what he planned instead of roasting Charlie Sheen.

Courtesy: NewsOne

He joked about William Shatner as an ‘old racist’ and mentioned that Seth MacFarlane was jealous of his own cartoon. Partice made everyone laugh out loud by critiquing the sets between Mike Tyson and Steve-O. How could unplanned jokes be so real?

‘Fitting’ would be the best description

For some celebrities, throwing jokes about them isn’t so easy because there isn’t much you can say. Well, this wasn’t a deterrent for Anthony Jeselnick. We’d say a dark comedian like Anthony is in the best position to roast a star like Charlie Sheen.

Courtesy: Netflix

Anthony said every moment of Charlie’s life feels like the first two minutes of Law & Order SVU. As if that wasn’t enough, he said the only reason the actor got on stage was because God hates Michael J. Fox. Ouch!

We wouldn’t be shocked if he went into rehab.

In our opinion, the deepest roasts are those that point to the roastee’s career or family. So that’s why we feel Jeff Foxworthy’s pain as his career got hit by Bill Engvall’s roast bullet. Well, what are friends for?

Courtesy: A&E

Bill described being on his friend’s show as being the fifth pallbearer for a four-handle casket. We can’t forget when he said you might be Jeff Foxworthy if you’ve shot everything but a successful TV show.

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