If You’re a Little Inapprope, You’ll Love Golden Gems in STL

We’ll keep the intro short because if you’re here that means you’re a little inappropriate at times (we love to see it) and we have a feeling once you pick up what we’re putting down, you’ll be ready to take a trip to St. Louis, Missouri, or at least make a big purchase at our new favorite local entity known as Golden Gems, so let’s not waste any more time. Golden Gems is a locally owned shop run by sisters Amanda and Susan, and well, we’ll let them tell you what they’re all about: 

“We believe there is a badass inside every one of us. It sparks creativity, pushes us forward and gives us confidence. Golden Gems exists to inspire your inner badass to unapologetically be who you are, take up space and live life on your own terms with products that subtly remind you to be bold or products that boldly remind everyone that you are here.”

Without further ado, here are just a few pieces of merch we are absolutely living for. 

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Everybody needs a go-to cookbook, and we have a sneaking suspicion that nobody knows good food quite like Snoop. And we aren’t telling you what to do with your cookbooks or kitchen decor, but we think this one would look great on display. It’s quite the conversation piece, after all. Enjoy Snoop delicacies such as ‘Spaghetti de la Hood’, ‘Go Shorty It’s Your Birthday Cake’, and ‘Mile-High Omelet’. And if we’re lucky maybe there’s a Gin and juice brunch cocktail in there too. Nab the cookbook here

We mean, where’s the lie? You know the shirts here are to the point in the best possible way. We love this tee paired with a dainty flowy skirt, oversized denim jacket, and Vans or Docs. If this one isn’t really your jam, do some perusing. You’ll find other graphic tees with phrases such as “Give ‘Em Hell”, “Wicked Woman”, and “Gutsy Little Lady”. Check ‘em out here

What’s the quote, well-behaved women rarely make history? Raise some (good) hell in this comfy cozy fleece-lined sweatshirt perfect for kinda chilly days as we continue our transition into spring and summer, then revisit it again when fall is near. Buy it here

We are obsessed with this moth medallion necklace because moths always find the light and that’s a great little reminder to have on us at all times. Get one here

We don’t know about you, but if we don’t own at least 50 untouched candles at all times, we will simply perish. And the cool thing about these candles? Each one has a fun little backstory. For instance, the name of this candle is “Louisa” (obvs) and it’s named for the author of Amanda and Susan’s mother’s favorite book, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Check out all of Golden Gem’s apothecary goods here!

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