They Didn’t Think It Through: Look At These Unbelievable Face Tattoos

Have you ever had a friend show you a new t-shirt that you didn’t like? It’s an awkward situation. Imagine if your friend shows you a new tattoo and seems excited about it, but you don’t know how to tell them that it’s not a good tattoo. Friends should be honest with each other, but what are you supposed to do when the truth is permanently inked on your friend’s face? We’re going to show you some face tattoos that should be illegal. Not only are they large, but most of them are very badly done. If you’re ready to have a good laugh, read on. You won’t believe what these people have done to their faces.

She got about forty stars tattooed on her cheek

Skin marks have a solution; you just have to see a dermatologist. They will recommend the product that best suits your skin. We don’t think covering those spots with tattoos would be a doctor’s recommendation, but someone did it.

Image Courtesy of Start Tattoos 555 / Blogspot

This lady made the wrong choice and covered half of her face with tiny stars. It’s difficult to count them, but we know that there are more than forty. She is calling someone in the photo; we hope it is not the dermatologist. It would be too late.

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