Mariah Carey as Whisks? These Threads (Accurately) Compare Celebrities With Random Things

Ever looked at Rihanna and said to yourself, “Yeah, she looks like an umbrella”? It seems like an impossible comparison, right? Well, that was what we thought until we saw the viral threads. Recently, people have been comparing our favorite celebrities with the most random, unexpected things. We’ve compiled the most humorous and accurate resemblance threads from different Tweeters.

You Are What You Sing

Since people often use them as protection against the rain, we never see umbrellas as fashionable items. Little did we know that people could elevate umbrellas to celebrity status. Someone compared a pink, ruffled umbrella to Rihanna.

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Courtesy: Pinterest

Rihanna was all clad in pink, looking stunning for the paparazzi. Well, someone took it upon themselves to look for a pink umbrella that looked just like Rihanna in this fuzzy outfit. Of course, the umbrella is the same shade as Rihanna’s outfit.

They are Both Hot and Spicy

It’s not so common for people to compare food or snacks to human beings. However, this comparison is on point and hilarious. A thread compares the Hot and Spicy Pringles can and the famous actress Tessa Thompson

Courtesy: Pinterest

The American celebrity was wearing a black suit in the picture, which was from a scene in “Men in Black.” Although Mr. Pringles had a red bowtie and Tessa had a long black tie, the comparison was apt.

Her Music ‘Moves Us’ Any Way

This resemblance is one of the most interesting ones we’ve come across. What would have inspired people to compare Dutch public transport to anybody? Some creative people pointed out the resemblance between Taylor Swift and Dutch public transport. Were they justified?

Courtesy: Pinterest

Taylor Swift was rocking a black top and a bright yellow skirt; the color combination was similar to her and the bus. It’s an amusing resemblance because the colors are almost the same thing. She is so iconic that even buses want to be her.

Mariah ‘Whisking’ Us Away

Here is another food-related comparison that seems unimaginable but is accurate. Have you ever thought the whisk in your kitchen looked like someone? That’s about to change. This funny viral thread compared Mariah Carey, the living icon, to whisks.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Mariah’s bright pink outfit looks beautiful and elegant, and the bright pink whisk also looks pretty. Well, the Songbird Supreme ‘whisks’ us away with her beautifully impressive vocal range, so the whisk isn’t out of place. But the comparison is hilarious, no doubt.

Queen Bey– A Queen Even In The Ocean

Sea sponges can be fascinating creatures, just like celebrities. However, you wouldn’t randomly think they look like a person. Well, the red sea sponges in this picture are more glorious than the others. They look like the star singer, Beyoncé.

Courtesy: Pinterest

The “Halo” singer dressed in a bright red dress, the red carpet complimenting the brilliant color. People compared her to red sea sponges, and the comparison was so accurate. It looked like the sea sponges were posing too- sorry, Queen Bey.

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