Surprising Tweets About Real Life Plot Twists That Will Leave Everyone Stunned

We all know The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It’s a funny show where you can see many different things like celebrities and live performances. However, there are also segments on specific things, like challenge hashtags. The particular challenge you’re going to hear about consisted of people telling their #RealLifePlotTwists. Many people participated, and there were many tweets, but some stood out more than others. Here are the craziest plot twists of all. These stories seem made up, but they are real, and they blow us away—be prepared for stories about famous people, love stories, weird coincidences, destiny, and much more.

She almost hit his car and he asked her out

Coincidences can change your life. This Twitter user shared her romantic experience that ended with a happy ending for everyone. Honestly, this story looks like something out of a movie. Maybe this shows us that things like this can surpass fiction and happen in real life.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@afpenni; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Trishamott

We can say that she was delighted to have accidentally bumped into that guy since she has built a future with him. We bet she didn’t think anything like that would ever happen. She said she felt that her now-husband would yell at her, but they ended up going on a date and marrying.

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